Green Solution

keep your trash in your can

People don't litter, so why would we ever let trash escape from our cans? Secure your lid to keep waste where it belongs... in your can and out of Bill's front yard.


Pest Resistant

All pests beware

The Strong Strap™ is the 1st line of defense. The durable, weatherproof, black commercial rubber Strap acts an immovable object to counter the unstoppable forces that are the garbage can critters.



Solve Everyday Problems

No more overflowing cans

You can go full hulk in an attempt to shut your lid - Or - You can throw in a few extra bags and guarantee your lid stays shut with a Strong Strap™.


Lid Savior

Keep Your Lid Forever

Don't worry about losing your lid again. The Strong Strap™ is designed to keep the lid and the can together. No garbagemen or gust of wind will keep these lovebirds apart.

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A New Standard

21st Century Trash

Ayy, listen here. One of the top sources of litter is known to be trash collection areas. Strapping lids can rewrite the script. It's time to upgrade our standard, it's time for the evolution of trash cans.

Strong Strap™ – Upgrade Your Can.