Litter Prevention

Keep your trash in your can

As responsible individuals, we don't litter, but sometimes our trash cans do. Five percent of all litter comes from trash "containers." Adding a Strong Strap to your can seals the lid and reduces litter to ZERO.


Pest Prevention

All pests beware

When it comes to pests, you need a solution you can depend on. Expect our Strong Strap to drastically reduce pests getting into your trash. No more early morning cleanups; and, if it matters to you, keeping pests out of garbage is good for them too.




Eliminate Overflow

You can go full hulk in an attempt to shut your lid - Or - You can throw in a few extra bags and guarantee your lid stays shut with a Strong Strap™.


Lid Retainer

No Lost Lids

Don't worry about losing your lid again. The Strong Strap™ is designed to keep the lid and the can together. No garbagemen or gust of wind will keep these lovebirds apart.

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A New Standard

21st Century Trash

Ayy, listen here. One of the top sources of litter is known to be trash collection areas. Strapping lids can rewrite the script. It's time to upgrade our standard, it's time for the evolution of trash cans.

Strong Strap™ – Upgrade Your Can.