All-around Effectiveness

  1. Prevent pests from making a mess and consuming garbage.
  2. Keep waste properly contained within a barrel awaiting pickup.
  3. Put an end to lids and litter flying in the wind.
  4. Shut the lid on recycling to keep cardboard dry at all times.
  5. Ditch the plastic bags, keep loose recyclables contained with a shut lid.
  6. Seal in odors and keep insects away with a shut lid.
  7. Cut back on overflow by fitting more waste in one bin.
  8. Improve community aesthetics with proper waste storage.
  9. Give new life to recycled materials (Strong Strap is made in part from recycled polycarbonate).
  10. Support a growing brand dedicated to preventing litter, improving recycling, and cutting back on unnecessary waste.


Litter Prevention

Keep your trash in your can

As clean individuals, we don't litter, but sometimes our trash cans do. Five percent of all litter comes from trash containers. If you're like us, you'll prefer a clean can that keeps trash inside.

a strong strap creates a beautiful litter free area
Shows how critter proof the strong strap is against various pests


Pest Prevention

Pests Out.

When it comes to pests, you need a solution you can depend on. Expect our Strong Strap to drastically reduce pests getting into your trash. No more early morning cleanups; and, if it matters to you, keeping pests out of garbage is good for them too.



Eliminate Overflow

You can go full hulk in an attempt to shut your lid - OR - You can throw in a few extra bags and guarantee your lid stays shut with a Strong Strap™.

An open overflowing bins vs. the same bin with a Strong Strap and the can's lid is sealed
strong strap on a can with a detached lid


Lid Retainer

No Lost Lids

Don't worry about losing your lid again. The Strong Strap™ is designed to keep the lid and the can together. No garbagemen or gust of wind will tear these lovebirds apart.

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Seal Your Lid

Stronger than the Wind

In the day and age of loose recyclables, strong winds can create a mess of litter. Thankfully, there is not a gust of wind strong enough to open the Strong Strap™. It's the simplest way to keep you community clean.

Strong Strap™ – Upgrade Your Can.