Over and over, you slam down on your trash can in a futile attempt to shut the lid.
Over and over, the lid pops back up exposing the waste inside.

If you find the above to be all too familiar, well, struggle no more. Stuffability is a feature of the Strong Strap enabling you to fit more waste and recycling in just one can while still shutting the lid.

“Shut Lid” Benefits


Increase Can Capacity

Whether it's a few extra bags or a couple of cardboard boxes, increase your trash can's capacity by 20%.

Keep Recyclables Dry

Water degrades the quality of recycled cardboard and paper. When the lid is shut, bins remain waterproof. Keep water out to improve the quality of your recycling.

Eliminate Unnecessary "Blue" Bags

Plastic bags throw a wrench in recycling facility operations, but they do a great job at containing waste. We're moving to replace blue bags with shut lids. Strap up to be sure your recyclables will stay in the can, even without a bag.

Fewer Trash Cans

Trash cans take up a lot of ground space. By fitting more trash into smaller or fewer cans, stuffability increases storage capacity without increasing the space required for bins.

Aesthetic Improvement

Finally, overflowing cans are straight ugly. Stuffability decreases litter and improves the appeal of your trash can as it awaits pickup. Say goodbye to messes like these...

The Strong Strap makes shut lids a reality.  Find out more about our solution and our mission by exploring our posts and browsing our website.  Otherwise, keep up with Blazer Brand by following us on Facebook or Instagram.

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