Installing the Strong Strap

The Digital Guide

Welcome to the Strong Strap™ Digital Installation Guide.  Below, you’ll find an overview video, a step-by-step guide, written instructions, and a few tips.  Feel free to bounce around this guide, it contains everything you need to know. If you need any help, please reach out to us at [email protected].  Let’s get to strappin!

Overview Video

Installing is as simple as loop, screw, and snap.  This 42 sec. video will quickly guide you through the process.

Quick Tip on Self-Drilling

Twist back and forth while pushing down until you break through your trash can’s wall.  It helps to lay the can down on its side, get above it, and use some leverage.  Once you are through the wall, just turn clockwise.

Step-by-Step Guide

Here we broke the installation process down into its core steps.  Scroll through the images for a detailed overview.

The Parts by Name

Written Instructions

STEP 1 | Loop the Strap around the handle of your trash can.  To loop, thread the insert-end through the eyelet on the loop-end.  Then lay the strap flat across the lid of your can.

STEP 2 | Install the Anchor 3-6 inches below the insert you plan on putting into the anchor to lock the Strong Strap.   The farther down you install the anchor, the tighter the hold will be.  We do not recommend stretching beyond more than 9 inches.

Once you determine where you will install the anchor, you can screw it through the can.  To drill, place the tip of the screw on the can, then twist the anchor back and forth while pushing down.  Once you break through the wall of the can, just turn the anchor clockwise to tighten.  Fasten a cap onto the screw from inside the can.

Step 3 | Install the Retainer onto the lid of your trash can where the long narrow section of the strap will lay.  Drill the retainer through the lid and fasten a cap to the screw on the inside.  (Note: The role of the retainer is to keep the strap in a convenient place, and to make it possible to unlock the strap and open the lid in one swift movement.)

Step 4 | Snap the Strap into the Retainer by guiding the strap under the 4-prongs of the retainer.  It helps to stretch the strap so it’s thinner, then guide it through and under the prongs.  Just get it under those 4-prongs.

You’re officially ready to use the Strong Strap