The most notorious garbage can critter: the raccoon.  These trash pandas have been breaking into trash bins for decades – leaving behind a mess for YOU to clean up in the morning.  So, if you’re searching for a solution to this problem, you’ve come to the right place.  Meet the Strong Strap™ and our 4 Strong Steps to raccoon-proof garbage cans.

Four Strong Steps

Operation: Nocturnal Trash Eater Defense


Invest in a Quality Trash Can

Strong plans start with strong cans. Look into a high-quality trash bin if you don't already own one. We recommend a trash can with a sturdy base and a lid that is hard to bend.

Prevent Can from Falling Over

When trash cans fall over, pests gain leverage. For raccoons, we recommend storing your can on level ground and in-between other cans, up against a wall, or in a corner. Find a spot where the can is not likely to fall over

Add a Strong Strap

It's simple... crank the lid shut and prevent access by raccoons. The Strong Strap is made for every woman, every man, and every can - universal, no tools required to install, and engineered for extreme-durability.

Keep Can Clean

Raccoons love the scent of food waste, make your cans less tempting by keeping them clean. Plus, as an added layer of protection, we recommend mint scented trash bags to complement the Strong Strap.

BONUS: Personalized Consult

Blazer Brand includes email support with every purchase of a Strong Strap. We guarantee a quality product and experience. Reach out to us and we will recommend best practices suited for your trash cans and your needs.

Note on Effectiveness

Facts About Our Solution and Our Brand

Raccoons are cunning and inventive animals, but we humans are smarter!  The Strong Strap™ works exactly as intended 98% of the time.  For the other 2%, Blazer Brand recommends the Four Strong Steps above and we provide supplemental email support.  If you run into trouble or have a question, leave a comment or email us at [email protected].  We are playing the long game against raccoons, and we always win.  When we win, you win.

Fortified Can Storage

Visual Example of Properly Maintained Trash Cans

It’s that easy – when it comes to stopping raccoons, we are  trash experts.  When it comes to securing lids, there is nothing better than a Strong Strap.  Leave us a comment below if you have any questions.  Otherwise, we encourage you to explore our website, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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  • Sallie Page says:

    Once the strap is on can I open the can, or is it difficult for a women to do so?

    • Justin Blazer says:

      Hi! Yes, women will be able to open the can. We designed the Strong Strap to be the right combination of strength and ease of use for all users.

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