It’s natural to think the Strong Strap was designed solely to stop garbage can critters, but there is more to the story than simply deterring some raccoon and her friends. 

At Blazer Brand, we’re actively imagining the potential of the Strong Strap beyond pest prevention.  One day, strapping your can will become a natural solution to any and all trash can problems.  Snapping the strap into place after loading your bin will be as instinctive as buckling your seatbelt after getting into your car.  All of this will be made possible because we’re creating with the future in mind.   We’ve built the first non-gravity based lock for automated collection systems.

Beyond Pests

The Strong Strap inspired us to pay closer attention to trash everywhere we go.  Beyond pests, there are a variety of other waste containment problems.  Unintended litter results from strong winds, overflowing cans, litter producing collection vehicles, and vandalism.  Bins everywhere spew their waste onto the curb.  Once on the curb, the litter spreads throughout the surrounding community.

The Strong Strap™ exists to upgrade every one of these scrawny little cans.  Our universal upgrade is an all-purpose utility strap designed to improve the quality and usefulness of any trash bin, anywhere.

The Seatbelt of Trash Cans

We’re pushing for a new standard, a new way of looking at our trash cans.  We envision the Strong Strap™ as the seatbelt of trash cans.  Once placed on a can it will stay there permanently – humbly performing its duty of shutting lids and keeping trash in the can.  When a waste bin has a Strong Strap™ on it, we call it a clean can.  Clean cans lead to clean curbs; clean curbs lead to clean communities.

The Automated Future

We hear it a lot… “what about the automated trucks?”  It’s a valid question, and we’ve thought about this since day one.  At Blazer Brand, we’re getting innovative.  Instead of gravity-locks, we’re imagining trucks that unlock the Strong Strap at pickup.

In the meantime, we’ve crunched the numbers.  Unless there is a massive (and we mean MASSIVE) influx of Straps into the automated system all at once, collectors will be able to handle opening a few cans.  Join us in the fight for better trash cans.  If not, what will you be willing to sacrifice for automation in the future?

The Future


Every night across America, trash cans are raided and destroyed by pests.

Every day, thousands of overfilled carts are placed at the curb for collection.

Every hour, winds rip through cities and country sides spreading loose litter far and wide.

Every minute, waste companies strive to innovate and improve upon how waste is collected and disposed of in this country.

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