Solid Waste Overview

Explore how Blazer Brand can help improve your solid waste practices.

The Problems

Three causes of unnecessary litter and cleanups:

  1. Pests.
  2. Strong winds.
  3. Overflowing cans.

Other solutions are insufficient in the following:

  1. Effectiveness.
  2. Universal Application.
  3. Safety.

Our Strong Solution

Shows the Strong Strap locking a hinged lid trash can

Enter the Strong Strap™

The Strong Strap is Blazer Brand’s flagship universal garbage can utility strap.

What is a utility strap?  It’s an all-purpose solution for shutting lids.

  • Easy to install.
  • Quick-lock/unlock.
  • No metal s-hooks to risk injury.
  • Permanent attachment to a wide range of carts.
  • Effectiveness against all trash problems (except bears).
  • Easy to maintain.

Our Commitment

Real trash problems need real solutions.

We can’t accept lid locks that might work.  Instead, we’re advancing a lid lock that will work under any condition.  A lid lock that is a trash can warrior.

Blazer Brand is committed to making Strong Straps work for solid waste.  We are committed to providing customers with the best lock possible and then building infrastructure to maintain its unmatched utility.

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