We are raising the standard for handling the 4.5 pounds of waste we each create daily.  When we speak of Clean Trash, we are speaking of a new principle.  Our principle is rooted in the question – How can we improve our recycling and disposal habits in order to create a positive impact on ourselves, our community, our environment, and those who collect and handle the 262.4 million tons of solid waste created yearly?

Definition: Clean Trash

(proper noun) /klēn traSH/  

  1. 100% properly sorted waste
  2. clean collection areas and bins
  3. all waste is secured within containers

Objective 1: Sort

If you want to live up to the Clean Trash standard, it starts before the bin.  Sorting is about putting your big kid pants on and making sure everything, and we mean everything, makes it into the right bin in the right condition.  Why is this important?  Because poorly sorted recycling is too expensive to be recovered and reused, so it’s likely to just end up in a landfill.

Note the best way to know how to sort in your area is to check with your local collection company.

chart of recyclables, waste, compost, and dropoff basic sorting of waste overview

Objective 2: Clean

Hypothetically, imagine trash cans so clean you don’t mind sitting by them and eating your lunch.  See, when we say clean, we mean clean!  There isn’t any litter on the ground.  Your bins don’t smell and attract every pest, bug, and trash-raider in a 5-mile radius.  Everything is in a can.  All the lids are shut.  Crud is washed off inside and out.  Your trash collection area looks like you care – well, because you do care.

tips for keeping trash collection areas clean

Objective 3: Secure

We’re turning trash cans into trash containers.  Secure means guaranteeing all waste placed in a bin makes it to the intended final destination and doesn’t escape the waste stream.  To start, your garbage can’s lid only secures trash if it’s shut.  Our patented solution, the Strong Strap™, can crank any lid shut in order to keep trash secure.   It’s one way to upgrade your waste containers for cleaner yards, neighborhoods, alleyways, streets, cities, and beyond.

Our objectives are clear, and our mission is underway.  Keep up with Blazer Brand by following us on Facebook or Instagram.  We also encourage you to explore our other posts and the Strong Strap™.  Until next time… Stay strong and stay clean.

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